Euronews/Teen Vogue US: This is the climate generation

Op 7 februari staakten scholieren in Nederland voor het klimaat. Ik was erbij en vertelde daarna aan Euronews over deze inspirerende dag. Later werd wat ik bij Euronews zei door Teen Vogue US gebruikt in hun artikel over de klimaatstakers in Nederland en België.

“Kim van Sparrentak, a 29-year-old Dutch who’s running in those EU elections, laid out what’s happening in the protests in an interview with Euronews, saying, “This is really the climate generation we are talking about here.”

“This generation is now on the streets to start protesting and to show that they want a different world, a better world, and a future for themselves,” Kim explained. “At this point in time where all the warnings are so dire and the science is clear that we have to act, it’s not the students who are on strike but actually the people in power and the big multinationals that are not taking action that are the ones that are really not doing what they’re supposed to do.”

Kim also pushed back against the notion that the students might just be trying to get out of class: “These people are actually striking for the climate because they have been listening to their science teachers very well,” she said.